Bird Masquerade

I am in love with the victorian Masquerade masks, especially those that look like birds. I have been wanting a bird mask for years, but have not just seen one when I am out and about shopping.

It started off with a sketch... So this year since I didn't have a darn clue what to be for Halloween, (being busy with work and all) I decided to head to Hobby Lobby to grab all of the things I would need to just try and make a bird mask. Well needless to say I got all that I could and let my creative mind run & it was a blast!

I used a pre-made face mask, cut it down to size and reshaped the eye holes (why do they always make them so tiny?).
Then for the beak I used paper mache and molded it just how I wanted it. The paper mache took a couple of days to dry before I could start decorating. This part of the process was a little annoying to me - because I wanted to decorate it right away. I managed to be patient, and once it was dry... I went wild on it!
Well now it is complete and I wanted to share!



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