IF - Skinny

When I first thought of the word skinny, I right away thought of Skinny Dipping! So Fun and Freeing!
And what a coincidence the following day on Oprah they were talking about pushing yourself and taking risks, one of the things the ladies on the show had to do was strip down at a beach and go skinny dipping in the ocean :) Some of them loved it, and a few other were a bit reserved about it. To each their own I say.

Then I thought about "skinny" some more and got hungry! Ha! And let me tell you when I get hungry, my stomach growls and I need to eat soon before I get delirious. Or simply shaky if I had too much coffee in the morning. So here is another funny doodle I came up with for my silly thoughts on the hungry side of the topic...


Miss KB said...

testing testing one two three

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I just looked at your picture on your side bar. What a cutie you are!!! I just love looking at pictures of folks. I love your blog banner! It's magnificent!! The post for Skinny was fabulous and fun. Nice vintage feel to you work. Thanks so much for coming by my friend!

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